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Oh! A Shiny New Project!

True confession: I suffer from shiny project syndrome. My creative brain can’t help it! I get started on something, and then the excitement fizzles out. I’m left with unfinished dreams, ideas and a lot of crafts lying around. Sound familiar? Good to know I’m not...

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Why Millionaires Are Successful

I don't talk about self care as often as I should. I cannot stress enough how important it is that we take care of ourselves first, above everyone else. It feels selfish. Women especially have it ingrained into our DNA that we come last. I'm not just talking about...

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Grow Your Business During Naptime

I watch my grandbabies for a couple of hours in the morning while my daughter is working. Yesterday, I had them most of the day. I forget sometimes how hard it is to try and wrangle a 2 and 4 year old and still manage to get anything done. If it weren't for my...

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I’m up to my eyeballs in…

The stomach flu has hit my household. Hard. Luckily I'm not sick but my kids and my mom are. Needless to say, I'm up to my eyeballs in yuck. It's times like these that I am so grateful I do what I do and that I work from home. My kids have been down for days. Imagine...

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Business is Booooring

It's bound to happen. You go about your day...everyday. Things become routine. You do the same thing day in and day out for clients. Then one day you wake up and the fun is just gone. The spark of running your business has fizzled out. What do you do? You could always...

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Working with Tracey has been beyond essential to my beginning success as a VA. I literally made the decision to make a leap of faith into self employment in February of this year.

Tracey has the ability to take complex tasks, simplify them, and help someone execute them flawlessly with little effort on their part. I haven’t had to pay for expensive training classes or one on one teaching.

I literally started work the first of March 2015 and am now paying 100% of my bills every month with my VA income. Plus, I’m learning essential VA tools, apps, and software that are allowing me to have the confidence to look for more skilled work.

April Lewis

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