Today’s guest of The Daily Cup Podcast features Tracey Osborne of Business Solutions Made Simple.

How to find the right virtual assistant

If you feel like you are just not moving forward in your business. Stuck doing tasks that are not directly making you money or doing things that you are spending hours trying to learn and figure out how to do. Now is the time to delegate! Get help! All successful businesses need to have a solid team in place that help the business move forward. By assigning tasks to an assistant, can help you focus your time on your expertise which will drive in more profits for your business. Check out what a virtual assistant can do for your business.

Tracey Osborne is an expert Project Manager and Virtual Assistant. As CEO of Business Solutions Made Simple, Tracey and her team assist high achieving entrepreneurs in surpassing their goals by managing the behind the scenes operations. By removing the stress of daily operations, Tracey allows her clients the focus and freedom to do whatever it is that they do best…thus resulting in heightened profit and growth.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a virtual assistant really is
  • De-mystify common misconceptions about VA’s
  • How to find the right VA for your business
  • What questions you should ask a potential VA before hiring them
  • Why your business can’t afford not to hire a VA

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