Say Goodbye To:

Undercharging and earning less;

Fear of not earning enough and not being able to make ends meet;

Being overworked, underpaid and devalued by the wrong client!

Say HELLO! to Making TONS of Money, Working for Amazing Clients and Loving Your Business!

The biggest reason I see Virtual Assistant's not making enough and struggling to make ends meet is that they are undercharging and working with the wrong type of client.

I see all the time, hungry, desperate Virtual Assistants on Facebook responding to posts with a "Pick me! Pick me!" mentality. They just aren't being seen or heard above the roar of all the other VAs yelling the same thing.

It's like throwing a scrap of food to a flock of seagulls and watching them fight over it.

The problem is this...instead of offering value, they're focused on selling services and lowest prices.

While this tactic might grab some low-hanging fruit, it actually repels the high-paying, ideal clients.

During This 4-Hour Virtual Workshop, You Will Learn the Tools You Need To:

Identify Your Target Client

These 3 principles simultaneously attract the right clients while filtering out people who aren't serious.

Learn What High Paying Clients Want

Learn what language serious clients look for to filter out amateurs...

Create Mouth Watering Packages That Will Let You Earn More and Work Less

When you overcommit and under-deliver, you'll regret every becoming a VA. Learn how to structure your offerings for life balance AND happy clients.

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Working with Tracey has been beyond essential to my beginning success as a VA. I literally made the decision to make a leap of faith into self employment in February of 2015.

Tracey has the ability to take complex tasks, simplify them, and help someone execute them flawlessly with little effort on their part. I haven't had to pay for expensive training classes or one on one teaching.

- April Lewis

Tracey is a great asset to the virtual assistant industry. After participating in her course, you feel so energized and motivated to implement her tips in your business. I can't wait to see wait to see my business grow!

- Kathy G.

Discover the Secrets to Making More Money With Less Clients

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Where are they hiding?
  • What do the high paying clients look for?
  • How your branding affects everything.
  • How to promote yourself to be more attractive to your target client.
  • How to create mouthwatering packages that will leave your prospects drooling and ready to hand you their hard, cold, cash.
  • And so much more!
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What Would it Look Like to Double or Even Triple Your Income?


  • Working less but making more
  • Providing for your family and not struggling to figure out how to make ends meet
  • Loving your clients so much you can’t wait to get started working each day
  • Doing those things that you truly love

Walk away with the tools and a plan on how you can attract more clients and make more money.

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