True confession: I suffer from shiny project syndrome. My creative brain can’t help it! I get started on something, and then the excitement fizzles out.

I’m left with unfinished dreams, ideas and a lot of crafts lying around.

Sound familiar? Good to know I’m not alone!

I have had to put some policies for myself into place for those times when shiny new project syndrome rears it’s beautiful, exciting, rainbow-colored head!

1. Get a notebook! In a recent discussion on my podcast, Coffee With Tracey, creativity coach, Aisha Borel introduced me to the idea of carrying a notebook everywhere I go. It was kind of a, “Oh duh” moment.

I bought a 5-subject notebook and broke it down to categorize my ideas:

Money: Will this idea directly bring in money to my business? How will this idea directly tie into income?
Branding: Is this idea in line with my branding or will it enhance it?
Systems: Is this idea for a new system or to update an existing one?
Ideas for Later: This idea doesn’t tie into any of the previous categories which means it needs to be tabled for a later date.
Blog Ideas: Is this idea for a blog post I can write in the future?

It might not be prudent to walk around with a huge 5-subject notebook, but I have it at my desk where it’s easily accessible. If I’m out and about, I can type things out onto my phone and transfer it later.

2. Talk to Your Coach. I now run all ideas by my coach, Sam. He helps me to determine if this idea should take precedence over the other things I have happening, if it will further my goals for the year, or if it should be tabled for later.

That’s why you have a coach. They help keep you on track when shiny new playthings want to distract you.

3. Sleep On It. See how you feel about the idea in the morning. If you’re still pumped, then maybe you should go for it. Mull it around a bit and see what transpires.

When I wanted to bring back my podcast, Sam and I discussed it at length. And we tabled it constantly because it was not directly tied into bringing in income. But I was relentless and I wanted to do it regardless. So in this case, I overrules Sam’s logic and relaunched it anyway. Of course he was totally supportive and now we’re working on strategies for it.

Sometimes that shiny new project might just have to happen even if it doesn’t align with some of your goals.

Now when you feel that familiar tingle of a new project brewing in your mind, use a system to decide if it’s something you jump on now, or table it for later.

What steps do you take when you have a bought of shiny new project syndrome? Share in the comments.

For more ways to handle shiny new project and actually finish some, watch my discussion with Aisha Borel on Coffee With Tracey.