Tracey’s mission is to guide and empower as many women as possible through various tools and methodologies, the most powerful being speaking.

By sharing her experiences (good and bad) in personal and business, Tracey connects on a personal level with her audience.

Brazen, sassy and often funny, Tracey engages with your audience and in the end they walk away with some empowering tools they can use in their world.

Speaking Topics

Delegate Your Way to 6-Figures

There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s world where they simply cannot do everything that needs to be done. They have two choices at this point…delegate or stagnate.

In this powerful and informative talk, Tracey Osborne teaches you how to grow by delegating. Your audience will learn:

What is a Virtual Assistant
How a Virtual Assistant can help you in your business
How to find, hire and work with a Virtual Assistant
What NOT to do in a partnership with a Virtual Assistant
and so much more!

The Secret to Earning More Money (Without Needing a Large Client Base)

More clients equals more money. Or does it? It’s not necessarily about how many clients you work with. It’s about WHO you work with and how you package your services.

This incredibly eye-opening talk teaches your audience:

How to position themselves to attract high paying clients
How to earn more while doing less
How to package their services to earn top dollar
and much more!

The 6-Figure Balancing Act

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough. When you toss relationships, parenting, self-care and your own mindset into the mix, it can be a recipe for total chaos.

Unless you have balance.

In this talk, Tracey discusses the importance of creating balance among what she calls, The 5 Pillars of Empowerment.

Your audience will learn:

Why having a strong work/life balance is so crucial
What the 5 Pillars of Empowerment are
What can happen when just one pillar is out of alignment
How to create and maintain balance
and more!

I had the privilege of interviewing Tracey Osborne for my recent summit, and I’ve to say I was very impressed with not only her knowledge of her topic but also her candid personality. She’s so much fun to talk with.

One thing I liked was the way she distill information in an easy to follow format for my audience. She really knows her stuff on hiring, training, building a team and creating a culture where people enjoy working.

Tracey has my full recommendation!

Marie Grace Berg

Host, Teach and Profit Summit

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